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Foam recycling gets us in a spin - Shadow Foam

Foam recycling gets us in a spin

Shadow Foam inadvertently sent the internet into a spin this week after we caught one of our conscientious team demonstrating a novel way of shifting heavy bulk bags full of foam recycling.

After posting the 8 second clip on TikTok, views quickly amassed. But before long, things quickly took a turn for the crazy when views started to go up in the millions, and an epic online debate about the physics behind the maneuver ensued.

Jonathan Shadow Foam MD said:
‘I just asked Matt to move the bags, I didn’t expect him to make a song and dance out of it’

The power of TikTok!

To date, the video that sparked this online debate has over 8.5 million views, with 700k likes, 5.5k comments and an unbelievable 55k shares as people took to the internet to debate:
“how does this work?”

Amongst the “genius” and “inspired” online comments towards this “physics mastery”, one commenter added:
“This is how the pyramids where built’, whilst another commented,
“Physics whimpers at the sight of this man”.
A more plausible explanation for the effect from one commentator was that:
“Swinging the bag aligns the force vector parallel to your arms, and removes any torque they would experience otherwise”

However, others noted flaws potential flaws in the inventive technique. Some around future back or grip issues, and damage to the neighbouring vehicles. Though we can confirm no Matt Woods or vehicles were injured in the moving of these foam recycling bags!

Many, though, agreed that this adaptation of centrifugal force is their preferred method of getting heavy bags off the ground, as thousands came out in support of this bag moving hack. Hundreds more were inspired to try it for themselves.
“So you are telling me that this whole time I just had to channel my inner Disney Princess to move heavy objects like this?”

Boss Jonathan reacted to the online debate.
‘The bags maybe aren’t as heavy as they look, being filled with Shadow Foam granulations for foam recycling. We generate a few bags a day so it’s a routine but cumbersome task to move them for recycling. Maybe it’s something we can all now look forward to each day.”

The foam recycling challenge

Shadow Foam is a customisable grade of foam. It’s used for organising tools, tech and anything else you want to organise and protect. For this reason, there perhaps isn’t as much weight in the ton bags as people may think. Arguably it’s a product that helps people “work smarter, not harder”. A work ethic with which binbag ballerina Matt also concurs.
“Our whole ethos is about making life easier for the people who use our products. So I just spun that to a new level by applying it to my approach to bag lifting”

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