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Big challenge - organising a bike case - Shadow Foam

Big challenge - organising a bike case

Protecting your bike when traveling on a plane is essential. Not least of all so when your bike is an essential tool So when we were presented with a bike case for a BMX that the owner wanted to get organised and protected using Shadow Foam it was a challenge we were more than happy to accept. But had we bitten off more than we could chew with this one?

Why case protection is essential when travelling.

Bikes are prone to damage during transportation, especially air travel. The latter not least due to rough handling, stacking of luggage, and turbulence. Protecting your machine with a protective bike case helps minimise the risk of scratches, dents, or structural damage.

Repairing a damaged bike can be expensive. Taking precautions to protect your pride and joy can help avoid costly repairs or the need for replacements, ultimately saving you money and time. But when the bike is used for sport or competition this is even more important. Properly protecting your bike ensures that critical components, such as the frame, wheels, drivetrain, and suspension, remain intact. Maintaining these components’ integrity is vital for optimal performance and a smooth riding experience.

Not least, many of us develop a personal attachment to our cycles. Protecting them with a good bike case combined with Shadow Foam will help preserve it, ensuring that it remains in good condition for years to come.

The bike case project

Andy brought us his bike case – well it was actually a Stay Strong golf travel case! It’s a soft case which you’ll know from doing projects like our rucksack and packpack storage projects is always a little more challenging. But this being a bike puts this project on a monster scale!

A soft golf travel bag being repurposed as a bike case for travelling.

Plus as a bit of added pressure, the super cross BMX carbon framed racing bike that’s going in there, is a bit special. Andy’s son races around Europe so keeping his precious ride protected is super important.

To create the depth of foam needed for a case like this we had to layer up our standard sizes. We do 30mm, 50mm and 70mm as standard. But a case this size was easily going to need at least a 50mm plus a 70mm sheet together. We do offer a custom size foam service on our website which is handy for larger or more specialised projects like this.

Jonathan described this as one of the toughest project’s he’s had to do! It’s certainly one of the more complex 3D objects we’ve ever had to cut into Shadow Foam. As the project developed, it became apparent that we’d also need an additional 70mm insert. This would be so that the other wheel and the handlebars could be stored in there too. Plus an additional 50mm insert to sit on top of the main frame of the bike. Luckily the bike case bag was adequate size so it was all going to fit in neatly once done.

So here’s how it all went….!


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