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we'll show you the best way to organise your Milwaukee tool box

Best way to organise your Milwaukee tool box

We know organising tools, it’s what we do every day. But the Milwaukee tool box range is massive and complex, so today we’re taking a look at the best way to organise your Milwaukee tool box system for epic results. But to do that we needed a little help, and we knew just the man….

Meet Milwaukee Dave

Dave – AKA Milwaukee Dave to his thousands of followers – is an electrician and a joiner. His tools are in constant use, and as he is a contractor he could be working anywhere. So portability and protection of his kit is important to him. He did tell us he is now famous amongst his co-workers for not letting anyone borrow his tools on site! Originally a DeWalt user, it’s a few years ago now that he found the Milwaukee Packout cases gave him the scope he needed to be more flexible with what he wanted to take to a particular job, and how he would transport it. From there, his DeWalt gear was all moved on to a colleague and so the Milwaukee Tools collection had begun.

Find out more about Dave’s love of all things Milwaukee and his epic collection here

The Milwaukee Packout range

From Packouts to Organisers and Fuel cases, we carry stock of inserts for the whole range. Whatever Milwaukee case you have, check out our range of ready made foam inserts, we’ll probably have something to suit. And here we are showing you our best tips for really getting the most from it.


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