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Best DIY Custom Foam Product 2021 - Shadow Foam

Best DIY Custom Foam Product 2021

It’s official! Were proud to announce that we’ve won an award. This comes after months of work, followed by weeks of exciting secrecy, and we can now share our news. The British Made Awards are run by AI Global Media Ltd and SME News, and this was our first ever year as entrants! As part of the rigorous judging process, our business, custom foam inserts and entire ranges have been scrupulously assessed by the awards team, before making their decision.

They class the UK manufacturing industry as the backbone of the UK economy. What’s more, SME News highlight that the North West contributes the highest manufacturing output of any region. Clearly we are big supporters of the Great British manufacturing industry already. And are always proud to be part of the strong northern powerhouse that the North West region is becoming. So to be shortlisted amongst such fierce competition in this huge, competitive industry was quite a result.

So, it’s with immense pride now that we can now confirm; Shadow Foam are the 2021 winners of the British Made Award for the Best DIY Custom Foam Product. We couldn’t be more proud. Here’s how it all happened….

SME News's British Made Awards Certificate for our Best DIY Custom Foam Product 2021 award for our custom foam inserts
Shadow Foam winning in the Custom Foam Product catefory of the Made in Britain awards


About the British Made awards.

At the start of 2017 small businesses alone accounted for 99.3% of all private sector businesses, placing companies like ours at the beating heart of the UK economy. SME News launched their flagship awards programme in 2017 in recognition of the unique challenges smaller companies can experience faced with the might of big industry.

SME News’s British Made Awards bring together the very best of the British manufacturing community. This helps the public and business alike to find the cream of Britain’s manufacturers. This gives consumers the added confidence of their organisations assurance and guarantee, so customers can rest assured they are dealing with the best of the UK’s manufacturers.

Shadow Foam make the cover of the British Made Awards magazine for their 2021 Best DIY Custom Foam Product win

It’s incredible for us to now be part of this movement. We have always known that our product is unique, desirable and cost-effective, and pride ourselves on the service we deliver. But now to have the backing of these awards for our custom foam inserts is incredible. They These awards champion the outstanding products and innovation our country has become renowned for. The backing of such major business influencers is a real honour and privilege.

What are the awards about?

SME News’s British Made awards were born to commend and spotlight only the best of British suppliers. Their organisation recognises that this year has presented many issues to smaller businesses. UK manufactures already had to navigate the challenging post-Brexit economy. But then Covid-19 was thrown in the mix making for some really challenging conditions for any business. The award organisers say that to thrive and win in the face of these issues demonstrates real perseverance, tenacity and innovation.

It’s winners, they claim, are considered amongst the nation’s greatest creators and makers. What an amazing accolade! They are entirely transparent about their scrupulous selection process, too. They say that all shortlisted businesses are rigorously reviewed and tested by their nominations team:

“To decide on our lucky few, our in-house research team carefully analyse the information that is available both online and in the public domain.

Our results are determined entirely on merit. Not on votes or size of business. This ensures a level playing field so t
hat all candidates receive the attention they deserve. We reward parties based on their reputation, commitment, innovation, determination, and contribution to their industry.”

What did it take to win?

Jonathan with one of our custom foam inserts! Read what British Made Awards had to say about is in their awards magazine

“A customer-focused company unlike any other”

Sharing with their readers about why Shadow Foam came to win the prize, British Made called us “a customer-focused company unlike any other“. Wow! They also said:-

Having grown a strong and loyal customer base through it’s vibrant online presence and friendly marketing strategies, it prioritises showcasing it’s products in a way that makes it personally relevant to it’s customers.

Fundamentally, this company has grown in notoriety and renown since it’s beginnings in 2012.
An independently owned business managed by a small, friendly team. Every year has taught it something new that it could then learn and grow from in order to make itself more efficient and more focussed on the clients it serves.

Following years of research and product development it came up with the perfect foam solution for it’s market. This robust product is tried, tested, cost-effective and loved by many. Suitable for all tool control as well as a variety of other applications. The product has certainly taken an exciting turn for Shadow Foam. Expanding it’s customer base out from DIY-ers, engineers and trades to anyone who wishes to get organised in an outstandingly effective new way”

Just WOW!

The real winners…

Winning this award means so much more than just the accolade itself. Of corse, it’s an amazing recognition of the product we’ve developed over the past 12 years, and testament to the business we’ve grown. But we couldn’t have done this without the input, custom and support we have had from you, our amazing customers, throughout that time.

Every time you share your incredible foam creations, reach out to us for help, or table your ideas and suggestions, this helps us shape our product and our business. So, to our Shadow Foam community, foam enthusiasts and loyal customers, this one is for you!

We will continue to work and grow to keep bringing you the best products, service and innovative ideas we can, and if you check out the article you might spot a couple of exciting developments we are working on too. Keep feeding back to us ideas for how you’d like to see our range of custom foam inserts growing, and other product development gems you can think of.

Meantime, thank you for your continued custom and support, we couldn’t keep doing this without you!

MD Jonathan proudly showing off the new British Made Award for Best DIY Custom Foam Product 2021


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