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Tool Organisation

4 Reasons why Tool Organisation is Important

The Perfect Tool Organisation

Tool organisation and storage is incredibly important. If your workspace is nice and tidy, it can be extremely beneficial for any company individual. Sure, it can seem a bit of a pain, and maybe you’re short on tool organisation ideas. Let’s look at just how we can help you or your workplace run much more smoothly. And hopefully, ultimately impact your bottom line positively. If you’re looking for cool and effective tool organisation ideas, you’ve come to the right place!

What are the top 4 reasons why you should have a good organisation for your tools?

No 1. Inspire yourself and your team

  • No one likes a messy workplace or a messy toolbox. Did you know it’s been found that workers are less likely to take a pride in maintaining their workspace when it’s already disorganised and messy. Obvious, really when you think about it but an often overlooked issue none-the-less.

    Using Shadow Foam Inserts for your tool organisation will mean everyone knows where your tools live with just a quick glance. Just think how much more efficient your operation would be if your tools were super organised. Anecdotally too, we find that people are more likely to take a pride in their work area and keep the space clean and tidy – a double whammy.

No 2. Improve processes and keep customers happy

  • It’s too easy to waste time trying to locate a specific tool, especially so when your work area is disorganised. It can be like looking for a needle in a haystack and this naturally impacts the production process.

    A lot of companies who do not use foam inserts or some form of tool bench organiser can have issues. Major difficulties can arise, or at best, delays. Just think about all the related knock-on side effects of this. There are losses in terms of time, costs and delays for customers.
Easy Peel Foam
Organised Tool Cab using Shadow Foam Easy Peel

No 3. Save money on tools!

  • Tools are expensive, right!? And they all too easily go “walkabout” in the workplace! Misplaced, lost, damaged or stolen, it’s a common issue. You need to avoid the huge cost of needing to purchase unnecessary duplicates or replacements. This is where a foam organiser works perfectly. It makes it clear and obvious when a tool is missing. And then that allows you to address situation quickly.

    For any company, purchasing new tools or general replacements can end up as a huge cost. A good tool organiser can fix this issue.

No 4. Reduce wasted time for your company

If tools are unorganised it’s just as frustrating for you as it is your employees. Lost time looking for things, returning things and finding homes for tools. Good tool organisation strategies ensure that tools are returned to their rightful place more often. It’s a fact.

Don’t just take our word for it!

These are just a small selection of companies that have worked with us for foam inserts and tool organisation projects.

Just a small number of the companies who have benefited from the organisation and efficiency that Shadow Foam can bring.

Tool organisation ideas

Need any ideas, motivation or inspiration? There’s an active Foam Nation community on Facebook who love to share their creations and inspire others. Plus all the tool organisation ideas you could ever wish for can be found over on our YouTube channel. Happy organising!

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