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dewalt hand tools organised perfectly in Shadow Foam

What did we make of our Dewalt Hand Tools?

This was a bit of an accidental project after a case we wanted to use for a battery storage project didn’t quite work out. So instead we decided to check out a selection of Dewalt hand tools. As well as giving you our honest opinion on the tools themselves, we came up with a great, organised storage solution for them too.

About these Dewalt hand tools.

A trip to our local Screwfix got us all kitted out with a good selection of tools. This included a knife, tape measure, some screw drivers and a grip / plier set. But did they live up to our expectations and to DeWalt’s usually very high standards? Well, here’s what we thought, anlong with a really simple but effective customisation of a tool case using, of course, Shadow Foam inserts.

Want to try for yourself?

We think the Dewalt Deep Pro Organiser is the perfect small case to hold a great collection of hand tools – check out the range of inserts we stock for these cases here. But whatever case you have, you can get it organised and protect it’s contents using Shadow Foam. Visit our inserts full range here to see if we carry inserts for your case. And if you can’t see yours there, don’t worry, we’ve created this useful guide on how you can make your own inserts for any case, drawer or container.

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