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Our list of The Top 5 Coolest Tools - Shadow Foam

Our list of The Top 5 Coolest Tools

OK this is a toughie.  It's really hard to establish which are the coolest tools, because what's cool to one person might not be "de rigueur" to another.  However we are going to give you a bit of an overview of what we think is the height of coolness. One on our list might also not technically count as a tool, but more of a tool box organisation tool!

Our top 5 coolest tools (in no particular order!)

Cordless Power Drills

These just have to make the list as we use them so very often.  They have helped us in some of our coolest makes here, and even helped us build the unit we operate out of.  

Cordless drills offer the ultimate in versatility, and are essential for a wide range of DIY and construction projects. They provide convenience and flexibility due to their portability and can handle various tasks with the right attachments.

Specifically for us it would be an impact driver. An impact driver outputs higher torque levels than a standard drill, making it more efficient for quickly driving long, wide and large screws into tough materials. As a result, it significantly reduces your work time.  Anything that makes jobs easier is a plus for us,

Our go-to cordless drill of choice is always our Makita impact driver, but more recently we've been loving the Skil impact driver.  On a superficial level the colours of the Skil tools match our branding so look really cool in the workshop.  But additionally it has some nice features like a fantastic light that remains on even when the trigger isn't depressed.

Multifunction oscilating tools

Oscillating multi-tools are one of the most helpful tools to have.   These versatile tools are excellent when it comes to eveything from cutting, sanding, scraping, and much more more. They are invaluable for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts, thanks to their ability to perform a variety of tasks.

We're all for doing things more efficiently here at Shadow Foam, so any tool that can tackle multiple jobs is a big winner on the cool scale for us.  

DeWalt have a particularly great range of these, and something for most budgets.  Anything from single speed to multi-speed will do the job for you, and what they're really good at is offering bundles so you can shop around for the ones that have the right attachments and battery's thrown in for you.

Angle grinders

OK lets suspend how practical or useful things are and just consider the coolness factor of these things... Angle grinders are powerful tools used for cutting, grinding, and polishing various materials, such as metal, stone, and concrete. They are versatile and can be used for many different applications.  

But apart from all that, they are just very fun and satisfying things to work with, so on the coolest tools scale that has to be worth a vote.

this had to appear on our list of cool tools - the angle grinder


So on the face of it, this doesn't sound like the most exciting choice to add to the list... but think about it, can we live without them?  No not really?  Does every home / workplace need one, yep.  So from a functional perspective they are definitely up there.  But moreover, when you get a really good one, or preferably set of them, then you'll be amazed how game changing they can be.

We have lots of favourites for different reasons and tasks when it comes to screwdrivers.  But key to us is that we generally look for quality ones. Buy cheap, buy twice is often the case with items like this.  High-quality screwdrivers are typically made from strong and durable materials like chrome vanadium or heat-treated steel.  We often apply the weight test, does something feel quality or weighty in our hands.  Few of us use them for long enough that they need to be super ergonomic.  However, when you find one that's comfortable to use it makes a big difference.

Stubby, long-handled, magnetic, insulated, ratchet or striking end. Only you know what's right for the jobs you need it for.  We always look for a quality name in our drivers, and preferably a through tang for the added strength and assurance.  The good ones really are amongst our coolest tools.

Shadow Foam

Maybe we are a little biased with this choice, but let's be fair, Shadow Foam is a tool in and of itself.  It's a tool that will mean you never lose another tool again.  It's one that will also prevent damage occuring in transit to your precious gear.  Plus, we hope you'll all agree it looks incredibly cool.  So this is why it 100% deserves a spot in this list of the top 5 coolest tools.

Another extremely cool feature of it is that it can help you work so much more quickly and efficiently.  Who wouldn't have more time playing and less time working?  So finding the right tool for the job first time, every time is a way of achieving that.

Additionally because Shadow Foam comes in a wide range of colours, you can really dial in the appearance of your tool storage.  Whether you prefer contrast and a real colour pop against your tools, or keeping everything en brand, there's an option for you.


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