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The best way to organise Packout drawers - Shadow Foam

The best way to organise Packout drawers

What better way to kit our Milwaukee drawers with Milwaukee saws!? Jonathan finds the best way to kit out our Milwaukee Packout drawers. Of course we’ll be using Shadow Foam and housing all manner of Milwaukee delights in there.

The tools

The tools we are storing in these drawers each come with a lot of accessories. So that’s one of the beauties of organising them in Shadow Foam. This way, we can keep all the related parts together with the right tool. We have a Hackzall, a jigsaw and a multitool along with all the bits that go with them. Plus a torch, tape measure and a few other complimentary bits and pieces. So to get all that neatly ordered and protected in just 3 drawers will be a bit of a job.

The Packout drawers do also come in a 2-drawer system. But for us here we are lucky to have three so it gives us a little more space to play with. You’ve seen us working on Milwaukee packout cases in the past so now it’s time for some overdue drawer action.

Getting organised!

All we need to get sorted are the Milwaukee foam inserts which we sell in either 30mm or 50mm, along with our basic cutting kit. The latter is really important for keeping yourself safe and getting the best results when working with our foam. So look out for offers of free kits for orders over minimum values on our website.

As you’ll see, Jonathan takes the same length of time planning the optimum layout for the drawers as he does cutting the tools in. It’s really worthwhile doing that to make sure you get the organisation you want. But to get all three drawers really transformed and organised, it took less than an hour. Showing you how quick and easy it is to attain tool drawer perfection at home yourself.

Look out for some nifty little hacks on storing blades and smaller items in this one….!



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