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Some of our favourite projects of 2022 - Shadow Foam

Some of our favourite projects of 2022

It doesn’t matter whether it’s tools or action figures you are storing in Shadow Foam, we want to see it. Nor do we care if you’re storing things in a jerry can or a tool box… if you have spent time creating a Shadow Foam masterpiece then we want to enjoy looking at it! Of course we know and love the traditional tool box Shadow Foam. But with tool organising ideas and cheap organising ideas for work and home, there is a whole lot more that we see you inspired lot creating, so now it’s time to showcase some of them!

How people share with us

Quite often people email us with their creations, but sometimes we find them on Youtube. Most often though it’s when we are tagged in on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We also get left lots of reviews where you share our makes too.

Some of our inspiring affiliate shares

You have probably already come across a lot of our Shadow Affiliates. These are makers and users of our product who share content regularly. But if we had to cherry pick just a few of their ideas that have caught our eye in the past 12 months.

Matt Estlea’s pristine, precise tool drawer

Matt is a renowned woodworker, tutor, and online content creator. He now considers himself fortunate in finding himself standing at a workbench making things for a living. Getting his tool drawers organised is what he described as an overdue job!

He created his stunning tool box Shadow Foam creation in the middle of 2022, and Jonathan just loved it! It’s a great example of how precise and intricate you can be when cutting the foam.

Tool organising ideas are seldom executed so impeccably as this example by Matt Estlea.
Tool organising ideas are seldom executed so impeccably as this example by Matt Estlea

Jim Overton’s secret agent pistol case

When someone creates their own handmade carbon fibre drawer-style box, you know it’s going to be good. im Overton of Jimson’s stuff was making this pistol case as a gift for a friend. It’s incredible how much he managed to fit in there… definitely a project’s that’s worth checking out! Look out for Jona’s favourite bit where Jim cuts the foam to size with a kitchen knife! (Don’t try that at home ;))

Toonpish’s sample innovation

Toonpish Carft’s Wendy got crafty with a small Shadow Foam sample she got from us. She turned it into storage for some of her small resin jars and managed to fit a surprising amount in there. What a tip from the queen of cheap organising ideas! But having enjoyed doing that, she then went on to give her whole craft area an overhaul, and created some stunning wall storage. Check it out here.

JP Woodwork’s constant Shadow Foam innovations!

Jamie Page of JP Woodwork has long been bringing his own unique spin to Shadow Foam projects and at the time of recording he came up with another epic idea. As with us, JP hates waste and turned an offcut of his tool box Shadow Foam into a fully functioning clock… genius idea! Any ideas to minimise or re-use waste are good for us!

Claire’s Crafty Corner

As if Toonpish’s creative craft room storage wasn’t heavenly enough, Claire also put her own brilliant spin on using Shadow Foam to create organised resin storage. Claire has almost 100k subs worldwide and we’ve since seen many people recreating the craft room storage ideas that she and Wendy inspired them with, just brilliant!

Nick Zammeti’s almost failed project!

When Nick Zammeti originally tried to create something out of some Shadow Foam offcuts, the result was, well, interesting! He actually managed to create a really funky looking vase out of the Shadow Foam and resin, but it wasn’t really what he’d planned. Second time around we sent him some of our granulations (the fine grindings we turn our offcuts and waste material into for recycling. And this time he was able to come up with a glorious bowl.

The recycling grindings from tool box shadow foam are repurposed here in a really clever way by Nick Zammeti
The recycling grindings from tool box shadow foam are repurposed here in a really clever way by Nick Zammeti

Peach Tree Crafting’s brilliant makes

We have no end of delights to choose from Mark Peach’s range of creative Shadow Foam projects. Of course his trademark jerry cans are always a hit, but he recently made a small rig storage unit which was really a bit different. But a stunning piece of creative organisation!

Coveting Country Wood Girl’s amazing tool drawers

Jonathan has real tool drawer envy whenever he sees what Country Wood Girl has done to transform her Kirkland tool chest. We knew her’s was going to be a brilliant project, you just have to take a look at her stunning woodworking to know that, but it was a perfect example of tool box Shadow Foam organisation.

Blue Light Turner’s tasty storage wall

The Blue Light Turner’s videos never fail to make us smile. Add into the mix this brilliant storage wall for biscuits, and crumbs (excuse the pun), that makes us very happy!

Our creative customer’s shares

With literally too many amazing projects to choose from, this is just a small selection of things that caught our eye. Check out the full review of all your amazing shares and see if you’re as inspired after watching them as we are!

Well done one and all, and please do keep sharing your brilliant creations!

Need cheap organising or tool organising ideas? Look no further!
Need cheap organising or tool organising ideas? Look no further!
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