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It doesn't have to take you long to get organised! - Shadow Foam

It doesn't have to take you long to get organised!

Whatever you need organising, we took on a fun project which demonstrates just how quickly you can get your tools organised with Shadow Foam. It doesn’t matter what tool system you use, whether it’s a Metabo Metabox or a Milwaukee Organiser, chances are we have a ready-made insert ready to slot straight in.

We didn’t just want to set Jonathan against the clock to see how quickly he could work. Though it was obviously fun to do that! We needed a whole heap of inserts cut for tools for a display stand at an exibition we were set to attend, so it was a necessary task, but as it turns out it didn’t take us too long at all!

Getting prepared

Planning is always key, but especially so when we are taking on a timed challenge! So we got everything we were going to need ready to go. That was:

A Shadow Foam cutting kit
(we also brought along one of our stencil sets too for cutting in finger pulls)
Our tools
The toolboxes
The inserts for:
Milwaukee Compact organiser (50mm green)
Trend MTB Tote 100 (50mm red)
Bosch L-Boxx (50mm black)
Festool Systainer (50mm green)
Dewalt TSTAK (50mm yellow)
Makita Makpac (50mm red)
Metabo Metabox (50mm teal)
Dewalt or Stanley pro organiser (50mm red)
Milwaukee Fuel case (50mm red)
Milwaukee Organiser (50mm red)

What if there’s no ready made insert for my case?

No problem! Expect it to take you a little longer as you’d have to make the insert to fit before cutting in your tools, but we’ve created a quick and simple guide to help you do that.

Then you can order your foam in whatever size or format works best for you – standard sheets, value pack or custom sized, and create your own custom insert for any kind of container.

How long will it take?

Jonathan is an old hand at this… “Thunder Thumbs” as he refers to himself (maybe our Thor Love and Thunder video was fresh in his mind when we came up with that nickname)! So his estimate of 2 hours to cut tools into 10 inserts got smashed… the whole project taking around 1 hour 45 minutes.

Thats just over 10 minutes per insert!

Now for you doing this at home and at work, it will probably take you a little longer, remember we do this all the time so are a bit faster. But still, a few short minutes spent shadowfoaming now, will save you heaps of time in future when you will find the right tool first time, every time. And never leave a tool on site again, as the tool control Shadow Foam offers makes it immediately obvious whenever something hasn’t been replaced.

Also we were cutting in a selection of larger power tools and smaller handtools. If you were just cutting in small handtools, lets say a selection of sockets, then this of course could take you a little longer. But again, well worth the time investment!

From the Metabo Metabox to the Milwaukee Organiser, we have ready made inserts to fit most tool boxes.

If you want to get your tools organised, there’s no need to race like we did. It’s perfectly possible to get a professional looking hand-cut insert like these with just a little planning and preparation and the right kit in just minutes.

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