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Unusual gifts for her? We've got you covered! - Shadow Foam

Unusual gifts for her? We've got you covered!

It’s hard not to be cliché sometimes with gift ideas for women, but we can help you be a little more unusual and creative with your gifting. If there’s a wife, sister, mum, daughter or aunt in your life who’s notoriously hard to buy for, don’t worry. We have you covered. Even those tricky workplace leaving gifts that need inspired and thoughtful input can be a doddle. Whoever you are looking to buy for and whatever the budget, we can get you sorted. Here are our top ten inspiring and unusual gifts for her ideas. Shadow Foam, the gift that really does keep on giving!


Whatever the woman in your life collects, chances are it’s pretty special to her right? And often pretty valuable too? Maybe it’s even a family heirloom in which case it could be priceless to her. Using Shadow Foam to protect your collection is the best way of keeping them organised, safe and secure. Plus, keep items free from damage in the longer term, even when moved around from place to place. Importantly, if something is taken out or removed, it’s really obvious if it’s not replaced. That way you can ensure that the precious items aren’t lost.

So whether it’s knives, figures, memorabilia, coins, cars, medals or anything, what greater gift could there be than future-proofing them and protecting them longer term using Shadow Foam? Not only that but the items look awesome when presented beautifully like this! They’ll love showing off their valued collections to everyone! Whatever box, case or drawer you want to kit out to hold the collection, there is a way of achieving it.

Looking for unusual gifts for her? How about something to protect her collections or family heirlooms?


Live with a gamer? We have gift ideas for her too! It doesn’t matter if you’re a traditional or digital gamer. However you play, the possibilities for using Shadow Foam to protect your kit are limited only by your imagination.

Whether your girl’s gaming is digital or traditional wouldn’t it be great to give her the gift of custom storage?

Whether it’s your kid’s handheld gaming or games console that needs protecting when it’s moving from place to place, or your girlfriend’s precious Scalextric, Warhammer or Dungeons and Dragons gear. Any equipment can be given instant protection and portability by storing it within Shadow Foam. That vintage or handmade chess set, no problem? Your little sister’s Nerf blaster collection… perfect! However you choose to play, whatever it is you play with, give it the Shadow Foam treatment to protect and organise it perfectly.

Beauty storage

It’s not too cliché to say that ladies can accumulate a fair amount of beauty products. When looking for gift ideas for women it’s all too easy to think of another product, balm, lotion or scent for her but where’s the creativity in that? And lets be fair, do you always get the right thing!? How about gifting her something that will let her get all her beauty products organised and stored away perfectly. No more spilled bottles when you’re on the move!

Need unusual gifts for her…? Instead of more products how about the perfect way of storing the products she already has?

Tool addicts

Here at Shadow Foam we know it isn’t just the fellas who have the big tool buying habits. But can your lady find the tool they need at the exact moment they need it…? We can help. By getting those tools organised in Shadow Foam, there will be a place for everything and everything will be in it’s place. No more rattling around in drawers, cabinets or chests. Everything will be perfectly stored and protected.

Gifts for her… how about something to get her tool drawers organised… no more lost tools, ever! Thinking outside the box with gift ideas for women!

What’s more, to make it super easy, we do ready-made inserts for many of the main tool box brands. So the dream tool storage solution can be achieved quickly, with the minimum of effort. Just think, no more tool clutter!

Tech fans

Many of us love a bit of tech but gosh it can be expensive. If the lass in your life loves her valuable tech then it would be crazy not to give it the best chance of it lasting for years. As a bonus it should never get lost by organising and protecting it either. Whatever it is, however you want to store it, this is the perfect customisable solution.

With many of us sharing time between the office and the home, what could be more creative than a portable tech case for the woman in your life?

So whether you want to create an Apple drawer in the office, or the perfect portable workspace for the many of us sharing our time between work and home, this is the perfect way to get the most from your precious tech.

One for the budding seamstress

Whether she’s a crafter, seamstress or just part of the “make do and mend” movement, there’s nothing like reels of thread, spools, needles and cutting tools to make a mess of even the tidiest of storage boxes. This is where a product like Shadow Foam can really come into it’s own! No more stabbed fingers or threads tangling together. Help take your gal’s sewing room to the next level with super organised storage using Shadow Foam.

And yes, for the really girly girls, it even comes in pink!

The cyclist or bike lover

We know so many ladies love their bikes, so often accumulate all the tools and gears that go with them. For the ultimate gift for cyclists, why not take their kit to the next level by organising it and protecting it with Shadow Foam.

Your bikes are a usually a pretty big financial investment. So isn’t it a great idea to keep the tools you need for keeping them on the road in tip top condition? And more importantly having them where you need them, when you need them! Never be caught out in a repair emergency again!

Gift ideas for women who love cycling… how about an impeccably organised cycling toolkit?

Photography, drone and video fans

Gift ideas for women who love photography… the perfect organised storage for their valuable kit.

If ever there was a bit of kit that needed ultimate protection it’s the delicate lenses and optical kit that comes with being an avid photographer. You might even be a drone photographer, go-pro enthusiast or video maker. You do not want to risk any damage to such high value kit, so storing it securely is super important.

Moreover, wherever you go with your kit, storing it in Shadow Foam creates the ultimate in portability. It helps to keep your kit secure and to make it obvious if you are about to leave anything behind. This is the perfect give to compliment your photography nut’s hobby and protect them for years to come.

“Too much stuff and not enough space” types

We’ve all done it… got carried away with getting new gear, then wondered where on earth we can store it. Often people think “we’ve no room for foam to get organised” but actually the opposite can be true! Foam can be layered and used in creative ways to make more room for storing and protecting kit than you ever thought possible.

This Sneak Energy wall is a gamers dream and potentially one of the most unusual gifts for her you could give your gaming girl!

And for the real space-challenged ladies, then lets turn it into art! Just look at some of the foam wall creations you can achieve. With a little time and investment, you can will change their life and give clutter (or precious gear!) a home for ever with this unusual gift.

The gin lover

Whatever your ladies tipple, why not display it beautifully in a gift case and give your gift real impact!?

… or rum, or vodka, or tequila (delete as appropriate and please drink responsibly!) Not wanting to give “just another bottle” this year, then get imaginative and just look at some of the things you can make to really showcase your gift. They say we eat with our eyes, and with gorgeous gifts like this, we can certainly drink with them!

Campervaners and motorhomers

With more and more of us staycationing and loving the flexibility of using our own tents, motorhomes, caravans and campervans for our time away, wouldn’t it be amazing to give your leisure loving lady the gift of no more rattles! Shadow Foam has proved to be an incredible product for those of us on the move. We’re renowned for protecting and organising belongings in a secure and transit friendly way.

For those of us lucky enough to have a camper / caravan we know how amazing the gift of no more rattles or breakages could be!

Stow away plates, glasses, cutlery, tools or anything you need to make your home from home without the famous and annoying rattles. It’ll be silently tucked safely away in your drawers or cupboards until you arrive and are ready to pour your first drink! Does it get any better that gift ideas for women that lead to a more stress- and trouble-free life!?

How to give the gift that keeps on giving….


Feeling creative? Anyone can make unique foam inserts with our Shadow Foam. Want to give them the life-improving gift of organisation? Then make them a completely unique and thoughtful gift that you’ve put time and thought into. Simply order your foam, plan the creation you want to make and get to work cutting and peeling! We’ll give you all the help and inspiration you need to come up with something so show stopping and impressive. It will be the present that gets talked about for years to come!


Not feeling brave enough to take on the project yourself? No problem, give them the gift of hours of fun! Give them foam and let them get organised with a project to work on themselves. That way they can get everything sorted just as they want it and it will keep them out of mischief for a few hours while they work on their epic creation. Just imagine how fulfilled they will be once they’ve made their own organised storage solution from the foam you gifted them!?


The easiest and most stress-free option to find gift ideas for him is to give them the flexibility to choose themselves. Not sure what colour or depth of foam you want? That’s fine, with our Shadow Foam gift vouchers they can visit our online store and get exactly what they need, when they need it. It’s still the height of imaginative gifting but gives him the chance to personalise your choice of unusual gift.

With FREE UK shipping, and gift vouchers available, there’s something for everyone. Take the stress out of your gift buying and let us inspire you.

For even more ideas and inspiration, check out all the links in blue above. Plus visit our YouTube and Instagram channels and prepare to be amazed!

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