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EDC Box with Hidden Compartment

Shadow Foam Creations Episode 24

When you want to have EDC gear, but you want it to look good, look no further. Adding Shadow Foam to your Every Day Carry box makes everything organised and easy to find. Learn how to cut Shadow Foam for yourself here.

So what is EDC?

EDC is short for Every Day Carry. It’s essentially items that someone would carry or keep with them every day. But there are a few mainstays of EDC that the active community would keep on hand at all times. The core philosophy is built around the cornerstones of preparedness and utility. So the idea being that everything you carry on you has at least one specific and useful function. A kit that essentially prepares you for the worst and means you would never be without something you need.

To that end, everyone’s perfect EDC kit will be different. And increasingly now, tech is becoming more a part of many people’s EDC gear where it can take the place of multiple analogue items. We have gone a little different with our case here given that it’s meant to be on hand in the home versus the more traditional carried version, but preparedness in the home can be just as useful

We used an ornate dragon box for our EDC box. This type of box will fit in great to most rooms and has a hidden compartment! If you have anything that you don’t want people to easily find, then a compartment like this is great. The box also locks for that extra security. The added Shadow Foam elevates this box to another level. We think Shadow Foam looks great no matter what it is used for. But don’t take our word for it, find out what our customers think.

Check out the video to see how we made it and get a closer look at it.

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