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Klein Modbox drawers are hard to get!

About the MODbox drawers from Klein

There's been a huge increase in big tool brands adding drawer solutions to their modular tool storage systems. That's with good reason as we're about to explore. So of course it's no surprise that Klein have gotten on board with the drawer movement for their MODbox range. 

Who are Klein?

Klein are a well-known manufacturer of hand tools and related equipment.  Primarily serving professionals in the electrical, construction, and telecommunications industries. Established by founder Matthias Klein in Chicago, well over a century ago. Since then, they've had a long track record of producing high-quality tools. For that reason they've built a reputation for durability, reliability, and innovation. So the addition of their modular tool storage solution, the MODbox range, was a welcome one.

A quick intro to the Klein MODbox range.

We've gone into the full range in more detail elsewhere. With Klein's intent being to create a one-stop "mobile workstation" with as many variants as you need to create your own custom stack, fair to say they've pretty much achieved that. The MODbox items we got had to come from the USA. There, they were a lot easier to come across than here in the UK. But even then, it was impossible track down the drawers. These, at time of writing, are still a pretty new addition to the range. As seen in most other modular systems these connect together with the other boxes and organisers etc from the range to form your stack.  

As you'd expect the drawers of course come in the brand's orange and black colours. So like the rest of your MODbox stack, won't easily be lost on site. Of course, they're manufactured using durable, impact-resistant polymers. 

About Klein MODbox Drawers

There's a reason why all the main tool box players are adding drawers into their ranges. While tool boxes will always quite rightly have their place, the rise of the drawer in portable systems for on-the-go use, really plays to our organised mindset.  


Tool drawers often allow for better organisation of tools when compared to tool boxes. Of course the addition of Shadow Foam inserts in tool boxes levels up that playing field a little. But with drawers, it's a little more straightforward to have specific areas for different types of tool, potentially making it easier to find what you need quickly. Inherently giving you what Shadow Foam wants to bring to any tool storage method from the offset, with the minimum of effort.


In drawers, tools are always laid out flat and visible, making it easier to locate the tool you need without having to dig through a stacked toolbox. Even without the addition of Shadow Foam inserts. So why add them to your drawers you might think? The simple answer to that is tool control... having a foam insert will make it immediately obvious if something hasn't been replaced, reducing losses.

Efficiency of space

Tool drawers typically make more efficient use of space than tool boxes. They usually have much less redundant or "dead" space in the dop of the cavity than most tool cases.  


As with many modular storage systems Klein's MODbox system allows you to customise the exact layout of the stack to suit your specific needs. Specifically here though, with different drawer options to choose from, you really can make them your own.


Drawers provide arguably easier access to tools, as you can simply slide the drawer open to reach what you need, rather than having to lift and open a heavy toolbox. Which, when it's part of the modular stack, can become more problematic.


Some feel, though this is a more contentious point, that drawers can provide better protection for your tools, as they are more enclosed and less likely to be shaken or rattle around when in transit. We'd argue that with Shadow Foam added to any tool storage case, box or drawer you eliminate that risk anyway.

The range of MODbox drawers

At the moment, they've a three-drawer, two-drawer and single deep-draw variant, so potentially something to suit most everyone.

We're really keen to get our hands on these as one feature we found lacking in the compatible ToughBuilt StackTech drawer was the lack of locking mechanism.  This seems to be something that Klein have sorted, with their locking bar system which will nest neatly in the base of the unit when in use. This allows you to secure the drawers easily when you're on site and they're not in use. The drawers that we've seen all seem to be smooth-gliding which is of course a sign of quality.  As you'd expect, they have a reinforced channel on the base to prevent sag when loaded.

But to find out how these perform in the real world, check back in due course when we've been able to lay our hands on some and are able to bring you a full and fair review on what we think of them.  

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