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Your woodworking tools - organised!

You might have seen our epic build – how to create a makerspace in 100 days. So now it’s about time we started getting the makerspace tools organised. We have a cupboard and a roll cab from Sealey’s Premier Industrial range and that’s where we’re starting. Today we will be getting our woodworking tools organised.

About the Sealey drawers and cabinets

Sealey is an established and reputable brand, you’ll have seen us using their products in projects before. They’re known for manufacturing high-quality equipment. Having their Premier Industrial Drawers means we know we have a reliable storage solution for the makerspace. As a bonus, these are in the blue colourway to match our Northwich Makerspace branding.

These Sealey Premier Industrial Drawers and cabinets offer us several benefits. With multiple compartments and dividers, we can achieve optimum organisation.

They’re also cleverly designed to maximise storage capacity, while minimising the amount of floor space required. They also have effortless opening and closing of the drawers providing quick and easy access to stored items, important for a busy workspace like this.

What woodworking tools were we organising?

Irwin Marples chisel sets x 2. From builders and remodelers, to fine woodworkers and carpenters, this range offers a chisel for every user need. Marples’ chisels are engineered for maximum edge retention and superior performance. They have high carbon solid-forged steel blades, so will last our woodworkers a long time. Therefore it pays to have them well protected and organised in Shadow Foam.

Faithfull carpenters plane and tool set x 2. These woodworking tools provide all the essentials needed for working with wood. These items are made from the finest quality hardwood, brass and steel. All the tools in the woodworking set come with a 5-year guarantee. This is ideal in a high-use environment like a makerspace.

And basically as much of our woodworking tools as we can get in there! Organising the items in the Shadow Foam will make it easy to see what item needs to go back where. Most importantly it will make it obvious if something is missing. This way, every user of the station can make sure it’s returned for the next person in the woodworking tools area.

So here’s how we got all this equipment organised neatly and efficiently. These are just the first two of our Sealey drawers, we’ve a heap of makerspace organising to do. Look out for more coming soon.




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