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Easy Peel Foam

Need to know how to organise your workspace? Top 4 Benefits of Easy Peel Foam in a Work Environment?

East Peel foam is a great tool if you are looking at how to organise your workspace. But it is able to do so much more than that too!

What is Easy Peel foam?

Shadow Foam Easy Peel has become one of our most popular products and one of a kind. The customisable product is made up of 30mm or 50mm thick foam. Depending on your preference and what you want to organise within it.

What you get is a basic blank canvas. A piece of foam into which you can cut in your items or tools. This means you can lay them out in exactly the most efficient way for you. However uniquely shaped your item is, it can be housed within this robust foam. As it’s protective, even fragile and delicate equipment is protected once it’s cut in. It’s also customisable, so the foam can be made to fit any storage units you choose. From drawers, bags, containers, flight cases or boxes.

Easy Peel Foam is available in a wide range of colours. This lets you remain on brand and also makes sure it stands out. Helpfully, it also makes it obvious if something is missing! So if you want to know how to organise your workspace using Easy Peel, read on!

What are the benefits of Easy Peel in learning how to organise your workspace?

1. It protects your expensive equipment.

We will always have this up there in the top two most important features. Specialist equipment and power tools can be awfully expensive. If stored poorly or incorrectly they can be easily lost or damaged. That is why our easy peel is fantastic for tool storage and organisation, but also for specialist equipment storage.

Easy Peel foam relieves you of that headache, it’s a clear, super easy way to move and store your kit. The cut-out placement concept stops the equipment rolling around or moving during travel.

Want to know how to organise your workspace? A case, drawer or storage container lined with Easy Peel foam is a great way to start!
Want to know how to organise your workspace? Shadow Foam Easy Peel Inserts are a great start!

2. It improves your workplace safety.

In most factories or sites, rigorous routines are absolutely vital when ensuring the health and safety of all workers. When someone finishes working with a piece of kit, it should immediately be returned to a designated location. This not only prevents loss or damage but ensures walkways are clear and unobstructed.

Our easy peel foam is a fantastic tool organiser but also fits perfectly into custom cases, bags, toolboxes and much more. Our foam inserts ultimately help reduce the risk of workplace injuries by providing a clear location for returning tools and equipment.

3. Improves accountability of your equipment

With the implementation of strict procedures in factories, for those in charge of health and safety or general operations across the work floor – requesting employees to replace tools or add them back into specific storage units can be a pain if not correctly stored.

With our Easy Peel foam – equipment and tools can be logged correctly and properly, due to the foam inserts having the perfect placement for these items. The perfect insert for specific tools makes it far easier to replace, ensure it’s in the correct location or find damaged tools in storage boxes.

Knowing how to organise your workspace is made so much easier with Easy Peel.

4. Improves productivity in work

Trying to find anything in an untidy draw or toolbox can be an absolute nightmare. Often ending up after a heap of wasted time finding that said tool is either being used or is missing!

Whether your Shadow Foam is used in a toolbox, wall mount or other storage container, tools will be kept neat and tidy. This allows everyone to quickly identify what’s available and what alternative tools they can pick out.

If you’re in charge of health and safety or accountability in the workplace, wouldn’t it be so much easier if you knew exactly where everything was at all times?

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