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Tool bag organiser insert - going from "no" to "woah"! - Shadow Foam

Tool bag organiser insert - going from "no" to "woah"!

a messy, dirty toolbag containing rubbish including odd socks and plastic dolls heads.  Desperately needing a transformation.
Paul’s embarrassing tool bag was in desperate need of some love and care.

So why have a tool bag organiser insert? Well, have you ever had that toolbag of shame? You know… that messy bag of mis-matched items where all your odds and ends go, never to be seen again? Our very own Paul took that to the next level! It was time to get him organised with our tool bag organiser inserts. In Jonathan’s words, it was time for a transformation!

The contents were in a sorry state. Emptying out the bag and figuring out what stays and what goes was going to take a while. The guys started by forming three piles… one for definitely needed, one maybe and one not needed… the odd socks and the plastic dolls head were definitely headed for the last pile!

planning where all the tools should go and laying it out on top of the foam tool bag organiser insert before you start cutting makes sure everything is exactly as it should be
Spending time on the layout of your tool bag is one of the most important parts of the job.

What do you need in a home tool bag?

In terms of actual tools, Paul’s haul was distinctly lacking in a lot of areas. Tool expert Jona noted he was short of more than a few essential items. So luckily he was able to help out with that. Paul’s collection of 3 screwdrivers definitely needed expanding! And whilst he had the basis of a reasonable tool kit, it was going to need work. With the addition of a new terminal driver, some snips and cutters, the kit was starting to take shape.

As the bag was a Stanley in yellow / black, we decided to stick with the same colour scheme for the foam tool bag organiser inserts. We used a pack of Easy Peel sheets and started out cutting them down to size. Next we moved on to the most important part, organizing the layout. And finally, its time to get cutting and peeling.

great contrast between the dark top of the foam layers and the bright yellow beneath as the cut foam is peeled away on the tool bag organiser insert
Great demonstration of how simple the Easy Peel foam is to work with

How to get Shadow Foam tool bag organiser inserts for your bag?

Even for a big tool bag like this, we only ended up using about one and a bit of the sheets in the pack. The equivalent cost working out at about £17-worth of material. For a whole set of tool bag organiser inserts! Plus about 30-40 minutes for the two guys to totally transform a tired, disorganized bag into something epic and usable.

There’s a moulded tray in the bottom of the bag which helps give it some structure. If your bag doesn’t have this though, it doesn’t really matter. Since the foam layers are cut to size, it lets you stack them, giving the bag structure anyway. So if you have a soft bag, if you use a foam tool bag organiser insert, chances are it would hold up even without the moulded bottom. The shape of this bag was tapered slightly, so we countered this by cutting the lower layers slightly smaller.

The yellow and black Stanley tool bag looks professional and organised with the foam layers stacked inside giving it strength and structure
stacking the tool bag organiser inserts in the soft sided bag gives it strength and structure as well as keeping everything organised and in it’s place

Practical tips for organising tools.

It’s always good and efficient to lay your hands on what you want, as soon as you need it. From a practical perspective, the tools you want to use most often should be put in the top layers. This will make sure they are always handy whenever you need them. And that’s it… from embarrassing to professional in 30 minutes!

the foam layers with the tools cut neatly into them makes sure the tools are well protected and very easy to find.
never lose a tool again… a place for everything and everything in it’s place. That’s one organised tool bag thanks to our tool bag organiser inserts!
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