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Tanos Systainer Inserts

The Types of Foam Inserts you might need for your Toolbox

Over the past few months we have been preparing ourselves for a release of our new tool box foam inserts. From TSTAK foam inserts to Stanley. These are pre-made inserts that will fit perfectly into your toolboxes. No faffing around with cutting awkward shapes to match the footprint of your box. Just the perfect fit, straight out of the box.

We’re super excited to release our brand-new foam inserts for these toolboxes:

  • Stanley
  • Festool
  • Milwaukee
  • Tanos
  • Bosch
  • DeWalt
  • Makita

Makita Makpac Foam Inserts

The Makpac is Makita’s most popular toolbox range. Makita’s popular Makpac range is a series of connector cases, often considered top class when it comes to tool storage.

Our Shadow Foam Easy Peel fits perfectly into the MakPac Type 1 to Type 4 toolboxes. And better yet, it comes in a range of different colours. The Easy Peel foam used for these types of inserts is incredibly easy to use. Check out our cutting guides for how to work with the product. And explore some tips and inspiration on how to build the perfect solution for your tools.

Our brand new pre-cut inserts are made in exactly right size for your Makpac, which means that getting organised has never been as easy as it is now. We have created these custom fit foam inserts to make it as simple as possible for you to protect the contents of your Makpac. To make sure your choice of insert fits your specific Makpac, check the details in the item description.

Festool Systainer Inserts

One of the most product products in the Festool range is their Systainer. With demand being high for these toolboxes, we’ve released Festool Systainer Inserts. We can now supply you with all the inserts you may need for the T-Loc Systainers. Now available for the range from 1 to 5, as well as their Systainer³ M range.

Our tool box foam inserts for the Festool Systainer fit into Panasonic and Tanos toolboxes perfectly too as the dimensions are almost the exactly the same. In the Festool range, everything appears to have a place of its own. We can help you take that to the next level. We just know you’ll find that our Festool Systainer inserts really up your organisation game.

Using our Shadow Foam inserts has never been easier. We’ve done the hard bit for you! The inserts are pre-cut to size, ready to drop into your toolbox. The foam inserts manufactured with our easy to use and super popular Easy Peel foam. It’s 100% recyclable, odourless and fully reversible. If you change your mind on the colour you bought, you can just flip it over and use the other side!

DeWalt Foam Inserts

DeWalt is a huge globally recognised brand and they build some fantastic toolboxes. The TSTAK and Tough System range are always a popular choice, and seem to be built to handle most jobs.

The DeWalt Tstak and DeWalt Tough System toolboxes are all you need from a modular toolbox system. Durable, portable and customisable, our Dewalt foam inserts we will take you to the next level of protection, organisation and tidiness.

Our DeWalt foam insert range is fantastic for those wanting the perfect foam to organise their toolbox, Better yet, perhaps a foam that links up to the colour of the toolbox? – Yes, our tool box foam inserts come in yellow along with many other colours.

Our Dewalt and TSTAK foam inserts are water resistant and 100% recyclable foam. Importantly too, they are wipeable and resistant to common chemicals. DeWalt’s range of toolboxes have always offered great protection for your tools. Now, though, with the TSTAK foam insert and the rest of the Dewalt custom insert range, you can really improve your organisation and give your tools the protection they deserve.

Bosch Sortimo L Boxx Inserts

Great news for Bosch fans. We now have a range of inserts designed and pre-cut to fit straight into your Bosch Sortimo L-Boxx. The addition of the foam aids effective storage for your power tools, accessories, consumables and other items. This modular system is considered great if you want great organisation; our inserts help you take that organisation to the next level.

The L-boxx is impact and splash resistant, and comes with a really robust latch for ease of opening and closing. For you to get the very most from this and have maximum protection for your tools, we recommend using these in conjunction with our foam inserts. These inserts will help hugely in looking after the life span of your contents. At least, every bit as much as the box does!

Our pre-made Bosch L-Boxx inserts are designed and manufactured to fit perfectly into your system. That means there’s no need for you to worry about the fit or cutting it to fit yourself. Straight out of the box it will fit snugly without any issues.

The Bosch toolboxes work perfectly with our durable, 100% recyclable, water and common chemical resistant shadow foam inserts.

Milwaukee Packout Foam

Since the hotly anticipated release of our foam inserts, the Milwaukee Packout range has been really popular, flying off our shelves! Milwaukee have revolutionised tool organisation and storage with their latest Packout toolbox modular system.

Some of their most popular toolboxes are their Packout organisers. The range can connect and lock to each other through their new multi footprint system, allowing for easier transportation.

Our Milwaukee Packout foam inserts fit:

Compact Packout Organiser

Packout Organiser

Milwaukee Packout Toolbox/Case 2&3

Easy Peel foam has become the perfect partner to the Milwaukee Packout Organiser or the Toolbox. Adding this simple and cost-effective organiser to your precious tools aids ease of use, durability and protection of your tools

New Stanley Fatmax Organiser Inserts

The Stanley FatMax toolbox range is a popular choice. It brings a durable mix of toolbox containers, considered to offer you the perfect mix for either professional tradespeople and home improvers. The Fatmax range covers everything you need to get the job done.

We have listened to our customers, and we have now created a range of different Stanley FatMax Organiser Inserts:

Shallow Box + Deep Box by Stanley FatMax ProStack

Double Drawer + Deep Drawe
r by Stanley FatMax ProStack

Deep Pro organiser by Stanley FatMax

Looking for foam inserts with a little more colour? These durable foam inserts come in the traditional Stanley Yellow and Black, plus a variety of other colours.

Our foam inserts are created from our super easy to use Easy Peel foam. If you’re a novice tool organiser you can check out ‘How to cut Easy Peel’ to see how simple it is.

Tanos Systainer Inserts

The most popular toolboxes in the Tanos range are their Systainer range. A brilliant feature which people really seem to love is that the Tanos Systainers stack neatly. Using the lock, open and connect method, it allows for more Systainers to be stacked without any issues.

Our Tanos Systainer Inserts range is made from our durable foam. They are super easy to use for those novices or beginners who are new to organising your toolboxes. Just like all our inserts, they come in a range of colours. Don’t feel like sticking with traditional brand colours? Have a go at mixing it up with something a bit brighter to give your tool organisation a real wow factor. We have a mixture of different foam inserts available for the Tanos Systainer range:

T-LOC Systainer 1-5

Mini-Systainer T-LOC

Sortainer T-Loc Sys -Sort IV/3

Systainer & Drawer – Combi 3

We’ve already made sure that the dimensions are perfect. All you need to do is slip it in your toolbox. With a bit of planning and cutting, your tools will be protected, tidy and safe, without any possible movement around the box.

Are we missing any ranges you’d like to see added?

There we have it, everything from a TSTAK foam insert to a Makpac. But if your toolbox make or model isn’t listed here, please let us know as we are developing our range all the time.

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