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Overcome your Makpac issues

The problem with Makita Makpac toolboxes

"The problem with Makita Makpac toolboxes is... " well, that's something we hear from customer's a lot.  And up to now, we have shared that pain!  But actually, with a few minor tweaks you can turn your Makpac into a tool case that rivals pretty much any other case. 

Issues with the Macpac

1.  The latches. 

The one thing we really didn't like and many others share they don't like is the case catches.  And this is something that's so easilly fixable it's nuts.  If you've ever experienced the grating grind noise when you open and close your case, did you know you can easily twist the latches off to remove them?  Once you've done that, check out our video guide to see how with a simple file you can fix that noisy issue once and for all.

2.  The base.

We've had many Macpak's with perished or smashed bases, and they're no good to anyone.  We've a simple way to make them a much more sturdy proposition and all you need is any offcut of material.  We used a small piece of MDF and jigsawed it to fit into the base of the case.  Finally, we glued it in with some silicone and instantly made this a much more durable case.

3.  The inserts.

In this example, we got a Makpac with our new heat gun, and it came with a thin, blow-moulded insert.  That's not going to last 5 minutes when you use the item.  Really they aren't designed to last anyway, they're more for shipping and display purposes.  So by introducing our Shadow Foam in place of the insert you get an instant Makpac upgrade.  This ensures you get the ideal layout of your kit for your needs too.

The final upgrades

Most of us know the standard Makpac but there's actually a lot more about the range to get excited about.  As well as the cases there's the organiser, the cantilever tool box and the drawers.  These all work as a stackable system so you can get the perfect combination for your needs.

What many don't realise is that even the cantilever tool box with it's vertical handle is still stackable, as you have a recess in the bottom of the cases to stack yet more cantilever cases on top too, if you need.

What's more, as both Festool and Tanos boxes are all made by the same manufacturer, you can also stack cases and drawers from these ranges together with it too as they all operate with the same mechanisms and share the same footprint.  

When paired with one of Makita's two trolley options, you would really have a great tool stack solution.  We showcase both options in this week's project, but especially love the vertical rolling trolley.  But they have the traditional sack truck too if you need it.

We have always loved Makita tools, and actually, with only very little work, you can now turn your Makpac into an incredibly robust and usable storage case.  

Watch how it's done right here


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