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Shadow Foam X Konfilms - picture perfect - Shadow Foam

Shadow Foam X Konfilms - picture perfect

When we had the opportunity to do some filming and work on a Shadow Foam project with the fantastic Konstantin of iKon Films we were buzzing. The videographer is known worldwide for his amazing content, and needed to get his GoPro collection sorted, so we were only too happy to help!

Who are Konfilms / Ikon Films?

Konfilms / iKon Films is the Russian born, now London based film maker Konstantin. He started off lensing fashion films, so his experience in the fashion industry gives him a unique aesthetic which is now seen in his music videos and commercials alike. With a knack for quality, Konstantin continues to deliver visuals that set him apart from the crowd time after time.

Konstantin and the Sidemen!

Most recently he’s been known for working with internet sensation KSI and is often seen creating content for, and with, the sensational Sidemen. And in a spot of good fortune for us, he’s been working on an incredible new studio in London. Which meant he had lots of gear just ripe for the sorting. And that’s got our name all over it! So roll on another Shadow Foam road trip.

The videographers dream project

Konstantin had already spent months on his new studio build, and we found him right at the point of trying to get all his kit organised. The kit room he introduced us to has the makings of being any videographer’s dream, but is clearly in need of a little TLC, and that’s why we were there.

It really won’t take much to change Konstantin’s kit room from this to a videographer’s dream… just add Shadow Foam!

After a bit of a tour and a good chat about where to start with this project, Konstantin decided that the dream for him would be to get his GoPro set up organised… little did we know just how big that would be!

What videographer kit were we going to organise

Turned out he had 9 GoPros (and now another one on order too!) in both the 9 and 10 range but now mostly the newer GoPro 11. what will make this process slightly easier is that the 9, 10 and 11 are all the same size. So this will also give the project some symmetry. videographer

Kon also has a couple of the 360 action cameras which are just slightly larger than the GoPros. They need a charging station to go with them too. Then alongside that are all the batteries he needs to be able to work for long periods. He keeps these batteries in small cases that can be charged by USB-C so he can easily transport them around. And this wouldn’t be a Shadow Foam project if we didn’t add Kon’s Ikon Films logo to the panel too, so we wanted to allow some space for that. videographer ikon films gopro

For this, we were going to go back to our trusty Ikea Sannahed frames…. you might have seen us creating storage walls both for ourselves in our French Cleat tool wall project, then later for the pressed-for space Brothers Make who needed a smart tool storage solution. They’re really cheap, pretty sturdy and ideal for purpose.

Making the GoPro storage panel

First we make sure we have everything we need – of course the items going into the wall. But also we have cut a piece of orange foam so it’s a snug fit for the frame. And we’ll be using our trusty cutting kit too which contains the scalpels we need for cutting and of course the much needed anti-cut gloves to keep us safe while we’re working.

We started with the battery cases first. These are about 20mm deep, so we plan on cutting them 20mm into the foam so they sit nice and flush. But by adding finger pulls it means Konstantin will still be able to get them out nice and easily. We used our usual method for cutting and peeling the items into the foam, and for a bit of added detail used our foam smoothing spinners to ensure a really smooth finish on the base of the cuts.

Then we basically repeat the process for each and every item that’s going into the camera panel. Including the bits that we don’t have yet that are still on order! Then those finger pulls can be added on all the items. To do this we use one of our Shadow Foam stencil kits and that makes it really easy and neat.

The Ikon films logo looks amazing int he centre of Kons new gopro set up
The Ikon films logo looks amazing in the centre of all the gopro set up


A Shadow Foam project wouldn’t be a Shadow Foam project without some personalisation or customisation of it. So we printed Kons iKon logo out, taped it to the foam so it coudn’t move, and cut it out in much the same way we usually do. As Jonathan always says, measure twice and cut once. Take time and use a little patience and you can create crisp smart logos like this yourself at home too. videographer ikon films gopro

The end result

We think Konstantin was pretty pleased with this vodeographer set up we created for him, he said,
“It’s just a really good material. Incredible. I’m really suprised just how sharp you can get it. I’m going to get some of these kits and have a go myself now too. This is inspiring me now to know what I want to achieve with the rest of my kit”
…but we’d love to hear what you think too. Check out the full build here.

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