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Shadow Foam Uses - Games Consoles - Shadow Foam

Shadow Foam Uses - Games Consoles

One of our more diverse yet massively practical uses of Shadow Foam has been as game console storage. Most often it’s replicated by those wanting a portable games console or games console travel case to keep gear protected on the move. But even within the home, it’s super useful to protect this expensive and delicate kit. Or to keep the games, controllers, headsets, and peripherals tidy and organised.

A big benefit of creating game console storage using Shadow Foam comes when a child perhaps lives between two homes. Giving them the ability to travel between parents with their precious gaming device protected and stored for easy movement is a great asset. Plus, it’s obvious when it’s packed away again afterwards if anything’s missing. Meaning they’re much less likely to leave things behind or lose things.

We’ve undertaken quite a few different portable games console projects. So we know it’s inspired lots of you to do the same. So whether it’s a games console travel case or just super organised games storage, we’d love to see it.

Whatever console you have, whatever case or box you’re planning to store it in, chances are that Shadow Foam will help protect, organise and prolong the lifespan of it.

PSP Custom Case

One of the earlier projects we did was our PSP custom case. For this we used a hard, case, so it already had strength and structure to it. With the simple addition of some Shadow Foam (it was our old Original Shadow Foam back in those days) we took it to another level of gaming.

We used it to house two PSP consoles for a family on move, along with a whole heap of games. You can watch here to see how we did it.

Our PSP custom portable games console case has always been a favourite for it’s simplicity and effectiveness.

PlayStation Classic Case

Soon after came our next game console storage make, in the shape of this Sony PlayStation Classic Case. This cheeky little solution was actually made from an Ikea faux-leather office folder! Perhaps someone had it in mind for sneaking into the office? Though we actually ended up giving this away in one of our regular giveaways. Take a look at how we went about building this one here and keep reading for more PlayStation variants getting the Shadow Foam treatment!

How’s this for a portable games console hidden within an office folder!

Sonic the Hedgehog Sega Megadrive Mini case.

This was a bit special and called on lots of facets of design and production to make. A combination including CAD, CNC and laser cutting helped us achieve a great result. The foam though, as usual, was all cut by hand, demonstrating how simple it can be to work with Shadow Foam. Here’s a little more detail about how we did it.

This really does have to be seen to be believed! You can see more details on the project here.

An actual Sonic the Hedgehog shaped case containing a Sega Megadrive Mini – that’s one special game console travel case!

Custom Game Boy Case

While it might seen unnecessary, strictly speaking, to have a game console travel case for a portable games console, we do this for very good reason. There is so much gear that goes with the console! For this, we used a milled aluminium Gameboy advance that had been upgraded by Boxy Pixel. Check out what the upgrade was here. We used a soft-shell zipped case from Smatree which, when combined with Shadow Foam would offer ample protection to our latest gaming addition.

Importantly we were able to get all our games stored in there too; you can see how we did it here. We think, as game console storage, this was a big improvement versus our original Gameboy case. What do you think?

More Playstations…!?

You’ve already seen our Classic and PSP custom case transformations. But the ever popular PlayStation has taken on a lot of different guises over the years. And we’ve made creative game console storage for most of them!

The portable Playstation 4 case was probably one of our more popular creations given the integration of the screen within the case, allowing it to be played literally anywhere! As you’ll see we did maybe take that concept to extremes.

As did our Playstation 2 case. With this one we did some funky customisation of the styling by adding the Playstation button icons into the foam. Not the easiest thing to do when you’re customising a hand-cut insert, but we hope you agree it was effective. You can see how that was done here.

We even made a portable PlayStation One with matching disc case using a briefcase we bought off Ebay to turn it into a portable and easy to carry unit. Here’s how we made that one.

So hopefully that’s enough inspiration to get you started with creating your own unique custom game console storage. Let us know what consoles you would like to see in future projects, and if you’re thinking of having a go at something yourself, why not try a sample pack first, then you can get really creative with it!

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