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Shadow Foam Uses - Camping storage - Shadow Foam

Shadow Foam Uses - Camping storage

It might not seem a natural leap to take a product originally developed as a tool organiser, then turn it into a must-have solution in the world of campervan storage hacks, but that’s what’s happened. An inherent benefit of Shadow Foam quite apart from it’s organisational properties is that it offers great protection for items on the move. And what’s one of the occasions during which people on the move are protecting lots of breakable and noisy stuff…? Camping, caravanning, motorhoming and campervaning. And so the Shadow Foam camping storage solution came to be.

We all typically pack a lot of gear into a campervan, it’s easy to use the same controlled approach to organising it as is used in the aviation industry.

With staycationing on the rise, more of us are choosing to remain on home shores for our holidays. And with ownership of caravans, campervans and motorhomes growing, that means more of us are being subjected to those camping storage headaches and pesky rattles while on the move. Perhaps your a full-timer, living and working from your beloved motorhome and enjoying the benefits that tiny living can bring. But being driven nuts by damage or rattles from your belongings when you’re on the move? Are you a keen caravanner, tired of breakages when towing your van to site and looking for caravan hacks to stop it happening. We can help with all that!

There’ll be no more rattles from cutlery in this campervan! This set is portable but you could easily do the same in your drawers

How can you reduce noise in a motorhome or campervan?

Traditionally when we’ve wanted to minimise noise and movement when transporting items in our holiday homes it’s been an improvised solution. Tea towels, bubble wrap, rubber matting, you name it, many of us have tried it. While those things do bring some noise reduction, they aren’t hugely effective. They certainly don’t really help in stopping movement and ultimately damage from that movement. And it most certainly isn’t time efficient… all that wrapping and unwrapping!

Melamine and plastic is an answer of course. But we all know that it can still rattle and break. And of course for many of us, there is nothing better than proper cutlery and glassware, often that’s just a compromise too far! Instead, try our campervan storage hack of Shadow Foam in your drawers and cupboards. It’s a more permenant, practical and efficient solution.

Campervan storage hacks: if plastic plates just aren’t for you, there’s really no need to give up your beloved crockery.

So now, imagine rocking up on site having enjoyed a quiet, uneventful drive. Opening cupboards and drawers and finding everything in the exact same place you left it. No unwrapping, no cleaning up smashed plates and glasses… just chock up and pour a glass of something cold. And when it’s time to move to the next spot, no lengthy packing away… everything’s right there ready to roll.

Imagine arriving on site and having no unpacking of plates, pots, pans or bottles to do…. really get the most out of your motorhome trips

What items can I protect using Shadow Foam?

Clearly this extends to the tools in the garage or lockers too. But so many things can be protected. Pans, dishes, bottles, crockery, cutlery, glasses, mugs. All these things can be used with the greatest of confidence once you’ve got your storage right. And with Shadow Foam for camping storage you can do just that.

Steelpods have made awesome use of Shadow Foam in many of their campervan conversions

We know many of you have taken some of our ideas and applied your own creative genuis in order to come up with some amazing camping storage hacks, so please share your makes with us and help inspire others. Take a trip to our socials (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram) to share or see more customer created triumphs like these.

Nicholas Evans used colour to brilliant effect in his motorhome cutlery drawer – no more rattles for Nicholas!
Polly Lloyd’s glass and mug storage for a campervan stops breakages and rattles

If you’d like to try Shadow Foam for yourself, whether for camping storage or any other project, it’s easy. Just order a sample. Familiarise yourself with our “How to” guides, and just give it a go… let us know how you get on!


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