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Reseller Focus - Meet Vantainer - Shadow Foam

Reseller Focus - Meet Vantainer

Kent based Vantainer have been a Shadow Foam re-seller for a short while now. What they do is so very “up our street” and really appeals to our “getting organised” ethos. So we really wanted to introduce you in a little more detail to what they do. As you know we are all about tool control, organisation, slick processes and lean management here at Shadow Foam. So to find such synergy with a company like Vantainer who do the same for anyone with a work van is great for us. Their mission is to to provide the best van organiser solution for transporting and moving products or equipment. We think they absolutely do achieve that, and we are loving being even a small part of that mission. van racking ideas systainer accessories

Stocking systainer accessories for tool control in vans, Vantainer’s ethos of impeccable organisation sits well with our own.

With 11 years in business but a combined several-decades worth of industry experience, the Vantainer team are the UK & Eire distributors for Tanos GmbH. Tanos manufacture the world renowned Systainer Toolbox System. They really are the go-to place for systainer accessories for your work van. They also manufacture and distribute the MOBIL Van Racking system too. This van racking system was conceived over 10 years ago as a solution for transporting systainer cases and other equipment on the move. It’s a stunningly simple yet effective solution that is easy to install and remove.

Just check this out in terms of inspiration for perfect work van racking ideas!

Could this be the perfect, organised and lightweight van organiser for your work van?

Why this is the perfect partnership.

The ethos of what Vantainer want to do for their customer ties in so perfectly with the efficiency and operational benefits of using Shadow Foam, so this was always going to be a great partnership. Vantainer claim a 30 / 30 / 30 result in terms of improved processes for people using their systems. ie: a 30% weight reduction of what’s being carried in the back of the van. Plus, save 30 minutes through having organised van racking. Then save 30% of the usable space in the vehicle. That adds up to a lot of reasons to want to work smarter from your van!

Now pair with this the addition of Shadow Foam inserts for Tanos boxes and drawers and that brings further improvement and efficiency still. And that, not least of all, is why Vantainer became a Shadow Foam re-seller.

What Vantainer say about Shadow Foam.

During a recent visit to the Commercial Vehicle Show at Birmingham’s NEC, we met up with Vantainer Director, Craig Poynton. He was good enough to spend a little time chatting to us. And he told us a little more about his reasons for wanting to pair their boxes and systems with Shadow Foam.

“There’s a big growth in the foam market. Fundamentally, our customers want to protect their product as much as possible. The fact that the Shadow Foam inserts fit perfectly into each box is fantastic. As it minimises the amount of time the customer has to spend securing that product. So we love it”

Vantainer director Craig Poynton talks to our own Jonathan Shone about how Shadow Foam perfectly compliments their van racking ideas

You might have seen more from Craig in our “A Day in the Life” video. So if you haven’t already checked that out, do give it a watch.

So there we are. If you operate from a van and are looking to attain peak efficiency then this perfect combination of van racking, containers and Shadow Foam is the optimum solution for saving time and money. Lean, organised working doesn’t come much better than with this perfect partnership. So please do check out Shadow Foam at Vantainer for all the optimum work van organiser tools you might need.


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