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New Sealey drawers for Furze's Knipex tools

Following on from our epic Colin Furze Milwaukee power tool wall, it was time to tackle a new challenge. This time, he needed some drawer storage for his collection of hand tools, especially his Knipex tools. Between us, using some Sealey tool drawers, we came up with just the solution!

About the Sealey drawers

We tool along a set of 5 Sealey single drawer units for the project. This was going to give us maximum flexibility as Colin’s plan was to house them under his workbench. By his own admission, his tools really needed sorting out… he had tools in boxes, in bags, all loose and unorganised. There was a particular issue with his Knipex tools that were housed loose in a Knipex tool bag. All the tools looked just the same, as did the bag, so finding anything was really hard. But Colin’s nightmare was Jonathan’s dream. So while we got to work on the tools, the Sealey drawers were about to get the Furze treatment.

These drawers, being single units give great flexibility. You can use them as a single drawer, or do as Colin did and stack them.

About the Knipex tools

Lets clear something up right from the off. We have always called Knipex , and Colin’s pronunciation of choice is . But it turns out, after all that, we should all be calling them . You heard it hear first… every day’s a school day!

It wasn’t just the Knipex tools we had to sort though. Powertool Mate had sent Colin a socket set which didn’t really have optimal storage either. So Jonathan brought his organisational expertise to proceedings and planned out what was going to be needed.

Getting the job done

He couldn’t do all the work himself though, it was going to be a good few hours work. So with a little instruction overview, it was time to see if Colin remembered how to cut foam from when he did it last time. And of course he did. So we left him working on a Furze logo on one of his tool inserts, while we worked on the Knipex logo on another.

And what a great job he made of it too. But don’t just take our word for it… check out the whole project here.



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