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Do hand tools come any weirder than this!? - Shadow Foam

Do hand tools come any weirder than this!?

Do hand tools come any weirder than this?!  Actually, we say weird, but in many cases, these are actually quite brilliant!  Many of them, we think, are actually pretty unique too.  So check out this collection of some of the most weird and wonderful hand tools that Jonathan recently came across on a trip to Germany.

Weird hand tools

On his travels, Jonathan managed to amass quite a collection of some really diverse little tools.  Some were just so perfectly formed we really needed to make a video and a story project with them.

The haul included a Connex telescopic socket wrench, a Toughbuilt utility knife and a Nobex speed square.  Add to the mix some Werkzeyt quarter inch bit extensions Haupa X-crimp, Wurth level and a utility knife and universal key set. Additionally there was an impressive Bessy knife, a Wiha and Inbus quarter inch bit driver.

Jona's favourite, which was so good he went back and bought ten, was the Hornbach multi-tool.  This really functional and robust multi tool, very unusually had a handy paint scraper build in!

Other lessons from the trip

We love toolboxes here at Shadow Foam, and the more ready made inserts we are able to offer in our toolbox range, the better.  So to add a massive 7 boxes full of new (to us) toolboxes to our range was a great bonus! 

A funky gadget we acquired too was the TCView Thermal Camera which is a fun and small tool that we think will be a great addition to our kit.  

Jona also took the opportunity to practise his German with an attempt to haggle for a tool case.  And impressively, started a Zollstock Collection with a whole heap of these funky gadgets which are just waiting to have the Shadow Foam treatment at some point.


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