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Canon M3 Custom Camera Case - Shadow Foam

Canon M3 Custom Camera Case

Shadow Foam Creations Episode 1

We made our first ever camera case with Shadow Foam. This case was perfect for our needs, we wanted a small, compact case to match the camera size. We managed to fit everything we needed in the case: a camera, lenses and an audio solution.

As well we were able to fit in a small Manfrotto tripod and the battery charger. Shadow Foam was perfect as it’s super durable and tough, whilst being easy to cut. If you want to learn how to cut Shadow Foam, you can find out more on How to Cut Shadow Foam.

The problem with many camera cases out there is that the inserts that come standard with them are not up to the job. Vloggers, videographers and cinematographers are constantly in and out of their cases.

Pick and pluck foam or soft divider bags either don’t give the proper protection, or are too soft and disintegrate. The former do not offer the right amount of customisability, you are stuck with a grid that is pre-cut and this means that you do not have proper control over item placement.

The latter are better customisable, but because they are soft and are mostly held with Velcro, the items are prone to movement and can get damaged. With Shadow Foam, none of these issues occur. This case will last for a long time! Don’t believe us? See what other people think.

Check out the video to see how we made it and get a closer look at it.

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