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Bosch tools review - Shadow Foam

Bosch tools review

So as you know, we aren’t usually tool reviewers as such! But when we were building a huge case of Bosch tools and a Bosch Professional GSR system to give as a prize in a competition, we saw that a lot of the tools we were handling were really good quality. So we definitely thought that was worth a mention!

Our original project involved combining three smaller Bosch cases all containing tools and variations on the Bosch inserts and packaging. But as it’s not practical to carry around 3-4 different boxes we wanted to combine them. So the plan was to condense them into one epic, perfectly organised Bosch L-Boxx using our Shadow Foam inserts.

The standard inserts that come in the Bosch hand tools and Bosch Professional cases are only good short-term

The first thing that struck us was that the inserts that come as standard in these boxes were all quite different. And actually, none were brilliantly effective. They took up too much space, were sparsely laid out and didn’t make the most efficient layouts. In all but one case too they were really thin and flimsy. But actually, these inserts that they include are probably just to hold the kit in place for selling / transporting the tools. So it makes a lot of sense to upgrade these with our Bosch toolbox organiser and make them more robust and long lasting. The other benefit of this is that it will also be better suited to your individual needs, so more efficient too. But that shouldn’t take anything away from the tools they contain which are really good.

The Bosch Professional GSR system

The Bosch tools that we wanted to organiser using our Shadow Foam Inserts

The main item in our box was going to be the Bosch Professional GSR system. This is essentially a drill body with interchangeable heads. Initially we had only the combi jaw / standard chuck attachment but then we also ordered a screwdriver / impact driver head and an angle drill head to go with it.

The angled head is basically a screwdriver or impact driver bit which can take you round a corner. So the corner piece clips on then you can clip on either the impact head or drill head onto it. Or alternatively there’s a quite unique offset impact driver which isn’t something you often see. So this can either be used use on the corner piece or straight on. These just push on and twist to lock in place really nicely. We’ve found this to be a really handy little set for someone like a cabinet maker or kitchen fitter. Or for anyone with jobs where you need to get around angles or in tight spots.

Bosch hand tools

We noted a big difference in two different sets of bull nose pliers we had, each from different sets. One which came in a small Costco set, was a kind of oil coated steel. This didn’t feel as good as the anodized chrome vanadium set that we had in another Bosch set. So clearly they do make different levels of tools, perhaps for different markets. But also in the Costco set were a claw hammer, three meter tape and a bit driver. We thought these were nice little additions to any tool kit, so not too bad overall.


That’s a lot of Bosch tools to condense into just one L-Boxx tool case

The Bosch tools for the overwhelming most part have got a really nice feel to them. We especially like the screwdrivers which feel exceptional quality with a through tang so the metal goes through the handle. This makes them feel really strong and robust. Additionally it has a hex part at the root of where the driver shaft meets the handle. This is something you see on really good quality screwdrivers. It means you can use an adjustable spanner on it to really get some more torque if you’re struggling to undo a screw.

Overall view of Bosch Tools

We’ve been really impressed with this Bosch Professional range and hand tools. They feel strong and robust, and have found that the attention to detail is really good. For that reason we can absolutely recommend them.

If you want to know how to get your Bosch tools protected and organised, here’s more information on how we did it!

It’s a thumbs up from Jonathan for Bosch Tools
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