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Tool drawer storage... quick and easy £8 Ikea hack. - Shadow Foam

Tool drawer storage... quick and easy £8 Ikea hack.

Two of us headed off to our local Ikea in Warrington with a £20 budget each. We had no idea that one of us would come up with an awesome tool drawer storage hack!

Our challenge was to come up with the best practical Ikea creation for that budget. Of course, incorporating our Shadow Foam. We had an hour at the store to find something then an hour back at the workshop to create it. But remember the name of the game is ‘practical’ for this challenge.


Paul had an idea for two of his sons who have Nintendo Switches and like Amibos. He wanted to create a practical display around that. Jonathan kept his cards a little closer to his chest. It tool a while but he eventually bought an item from the Sammanhang range. But wasn’t going to give much away about what he was going to do with it.

Paul’s project – Amibo night light:

Paul blew his £20 budget with a whopping £31 spend. What’s more, on getting his ‘expensive’ birdcage idea back to the workshop he realized it wasn’t big enough! Once he unboxed his kids Amibos including Zelda, Mario, Champions and Pokemon, it was clear some would have to go for the project to work. So from a practical perspective, not ideal.

No doubt, with the addition of his mood lighting and the foam to keep everything in place, it looked awesome as a hanging night-light in his son’s bedroom. He did also manage to create it in under an hour. Apart from that though, was it really practical, and did it meet the brief!?

Paul's eyecatching Amibo's hanging nightlight made from the Ikea birdcage is sure to be a big hit with the kids.
Pretty nifty Amibos hanging cage night-light created in 30 minutes using Shadow Foam

Jonathan’s project – tool drawer:

He decided against hanging a salmon in the Ikea Sammanhang box (thank goodness!). Instead inadvertently coming up with an ingenuous £8 space-saving, tool drawer storage hack. He used it to make a make-shift, put-anywhere drawer. Small and perfectly formed for wherever you need a bit of additional space. All he had to do was to cut a small piece of wood to attach the sliding plastic lid that’s supplied in the kit. This then gets attach it to the underside of a storage unit we already had. So now the box essentially became a drawer, sliding in and out really easily. The tools we always use in that area typically just hang around on work surfaces, getting in the way. But this meant that they could be cut into a small piece of Shadow Foam and tucked tidily and discreetly away.

A budget friendly tool drawer storage idea made from an ikea drawer, lined here with orange Shadow Foam to make an organised and portable storage solution
The ultimate £8 Ikea storage hack… a movable, budget tool drawer created using Shadow Foam

And the winner is…..

Even Paul had to concede that Jona’s solution was a brilliant hack. So it came as no surprise that our Instagram followers agreed, overwhelmingly voting it the winner of the challenge.

If you have any genius storage hacks you want to share with us, get in touch. You just might inspire us in our next challenge!

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