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About the Ryobi starter kit and bag - Shadow Foam

About the Ryobi starter kit and bag

The Ryobi starter kit offers several benefits for users, particularly those who are new to the Ryobi power tool ecosystem. We’ve been hearing great things about the reliability and build of Ryobi tools for items with a slightly lower price point. They’re a reputable brand so the starter kit provides an opportunity to experience Ryobi’s quality firsthand. But of course introducing Shadow Foam to the picture can help elevate these kits to a whole new level!

About the Ryobi starter kit

Ryobi power tools are typically powered by the same 18V ONE+ battery system. The starter kit usually includes at least one battery and a charger, enabling users to power multiple tools with the same battery, reducing the need for multiple batteries and chargers. We were lucky and got our kit at a snip in an online auction, but it did come with an after-market battery which we wanted to upgrade.

Purchasing a starter kit is often more cost-effective than buying individual tools and batteries separately. This was great as it had both the charger, battery and an impact driver and combi drill as well as the case. But the case was a bit of a flimsy, throw-away item. More resembled a “butty bag” aaccording to Jonathan! But this is where Shadow Foam really comes into it’s own to turn this floppy case into something really practical.

Our case upgrade project

This is a really interesting one for anyone wanting to really take advantage of the depth of space in a case. We layered up 3 layers of Shadow Foam to create a 170mm deep sheet and cut our power tools right down into it. This meant the small footprint of the case didn’t matter since we utilised the depth of the bag. The foam also gave the flimsy bag more structure. The depth of the foam also meant we could create a crafty secret cable tidy for the charger.

All in, this was a really fun project, but the transformational capabilities of Shadow Foam really upped this case from basic to brilliant. Check out what we made of the Ryobi starter kit, plus how we made this kit here:

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