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A great example of tool box organisation using Shadow Foam

Tool box organisation: A Masterclass

If there's one thing we know about here at Shadow Foam, it's tool box organisation.  Here, we're exploring what really makes for the optimum in organised tools.  We're considering everything tool related, and looking at the must have tools, in terms of achieving the best levels of organisation.

How to organise a tool box

Whilst there's no "one-size-fits-all" answer to this, we can help.  There are some generalised, key things that will help when it comes to answering this question. There's no point having the top 5 coolest tools available if you're not going to look after them in the best way.  So here's some approaches that we frequently adopt ourselves: tool box organisation   

Keeping things clean and tidy

We've seen lots of comments on some of our Youtube videos like:
"You must never use your tools to keep them that clean".
That's far from the case, our tools are really well used!  But it's important to us to keep them clean, tidy and in good repair.  This is a tiny and easy step that anyone can apply to their own toolbox organisation at home.

This also plays a part in quick and easy identification of the right tool for the job.  If your tool bag is stuffed with old sandwich wrappers and dust covers the sizes on your wrenches, you need to accept that generally everything is just going to take that bit longer to find.  We all know why you should always have a toolkit for home repairs, but keeping it tidy to make it as efficient as it can be is often overlooked.


If you have lots of tools, it's good practise to keep your containers labelled.  Especially if you have lots of the same / similar cases.  This will aid in speed and efficiency when you need to grab the right tool for the job. 

Similarly, it will help if you keep things that are often used together in the same place. Eg your drill bits with your drill.  Chargers with batteries.  The essential woodworking tools with your other woodworking kit.  No point really storing your planer with your wire-strippers, unless you ever have cause to use them at the same time!  tool box organisation

Tool marking

This is a neat and handy method of keeping tools together and in the correct places.  It can be as rudimentary or elaborate as you like, anything that identifies your tools with unique colours, patterns, initials or other information like sizing or use (where those things aren't already clear on the tools). 

Shadow Foam offer a range of tool marking solutions that can help with this.  Anything from simple paint and tape to engravers; whatever suits your own set up the best is a positive addition to your organised tool set up.

Tool control

It's what Shadow Foam is all about - controlling your tools by applying measures to prevent things becoming lost or damaged.  This also brings the benefit of saving you time on the job  by finding things more quickly.

Shadow Foam has been widely used in engineering and aviation for many years, and now our product makes it accessible to anyone.  With minimal cost and the minimum of effort you can achieve your own customised tool control management system for any case or container. We've put together a blog so you can learn how to organise a tool box.

Other factors

Everyone's tool storage requirements will be different.  Consider things like where you will use your tools.  If it's outdoors then maybe an IP rated case to prevent water seeping in is an idea.  Or, if you have to carry them long distances to site, then then a robust and easy trolly system is important.  Or when space is at a premium then think about if tool walls or similar options could be a better way to free valuable floor space.  

Similarly, where tools are located in a common area, used by multiple people, then the control measures to ensure that items are replaced is an absolute must.

In all these considerations, Shadow Foam is the perfect way of achieving great levels of tool organisation.  Check out some of our Youtube content.  Explore more ways it might be able to help bring order to your life and work.

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