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10 ways of using Shadow Foam Easy Peel that you haven't considered - Shadow Foam

10 ways of using Shadow Foam Easy Peel that you haven't considered

It’s fair to say the most popular use of Shadow Foam is for toolbox foam inserts to protect and organise traditional tools, such as spanners, sockets and drills.

Camera gear and NERF and air guns are next, but it doesn’t stop there; in fact, you could organise, protect and store just about anything with Shadow Foam Inserts or our Easy Peel foam.

Here are just a few of the great uses for Shadow Foam Easy Peel foam as provided by you!


While this could be classed as a toolbox, watchmaking tools are much smaller as they have to be precision tools to work with the small components of a watch.

As with most Shadow Foam projects, this helps productivity. Everything has a place and it is hard to leave something behind. This is a fantastic foam to become a watchmaking tool box foam insert.

Fishing box

Fishing is relaxing, right? Well, what can make it even more relaxing is an organised fishing box!

What you need, when you need it. Meaning you can relax and wait for the next BIG catch whilst you know everything is super organised using Shadow Foam Easy Peel, and in the right place – a cracking fishing box foam insert.

Display case

Are you looking for artwork that is a bit different?

With Shadow Foam Inserts or Easy Peel Foam, you can turn just about anything into artwork.

Proud of your spanners, then this is perfect.

Love hot sauce so much, you want everyone to know, yes you can display that with Shadow Foam too.

Hot Sauce Cabinet

Campervan Storage

Whether it’s some custom boxes or even something more substantial, Campervan and motorhome storage is a genius use of Shadow Foam.

Easy to pack, everything has a place and nothing rattling around, meaning the only sounds you hear on the journey is the one from your playlist.

As if a road trip was not a great idea on is own!

Van Storage

Do you want a solution for work rather than pleasure? We have been sent some great commercial van storage solutions.

These projects here have created a false floor in the van, allowing them to create pull our drawers using Shadow Foam to organise all the tools.


We have all collected something at some point in our lives, whether it is stamps, stickers, or figurines.

One of the biggest challenges is how to protect and display them.

Well, maybe we are biased, but we think Shadow Foam is the perfect solution.

Are you not convinced? These images below might do the trick.

Lord of the Ring – Anniversary Edition

Site Case

Do you have things you need to take to site?

Service engineers need electronic testers and meters, and it essential they last the “test” of time.

Using Shadow Foam easy peel for your site equipment will help things stay in working order and mean you arrive on-site and leave with everything you need. Shadow Foam Easy Peel is the perfect site case foam insert.

Home organisation

From kitchen drawers to your new working from home space, Shadow Foam Easy Peel Foam can help!

It’s hard to misplace the things that have their own space.

Vanity Drawer

Not sure If this is the perfect project for our toolbox organiser fans… but bear with us.

Why not use some of your offcuts to make a vanity drawer that will be the envy of her friends and family?

You might earn some of those brownie points back that you’ve lost for spending so much time in the garage.

It doesn’t stop there; think outside the box (but remember to put the Shadow Foam inside!) and get creative.

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