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Introducing Skil Tools with a panel tool wall - Shadow Foam

Presentazione degli strumenti Skil con un pannello porta attrezzi

We are well overdue to do another Ikea Hack, and we’ve just been given the perfect opportunity for doing so. The much sought after Skil Tools haven’t previously been widely available in the UK. But we’ve landed a massive haul of their power tools to check out. We take a look at what all the fuss is about. And put them to the test making a new French Cleat power tool wall. And if you like what you see, then we hear Skil Tools are coming to the UK very soon!

About Skil Tools

There are many reasons people have been loving Skil tools, not least their value for money. They’re also said to be really durable and reliable, withstanding heavy use and continuing to perform well after time.

Skil has a history of introducing innovative features and technologies in their tools. This innovation often makes their products more efficient and user-friendly. Jonathan was actually super impressed at some of the features he found on the range as he was working with them on this project.

They’ve a long heritage in the power tool game. The brand dates unbelievably back to the 1920’s. But as they haven’t been available in the UK so far they aren’t as widely known here. YET. Positive word-of-mouth and online reviews have played a significant role in building the reputation of Skil tools. When users have positive experiences with these tools, they’ve commonly been shouting about it to others which has contributed to building this hype.

Our new tool wall project

We wanted to store and protect the tools we’ve received from Skil. What better way than to give our old original French cleat tool wall a re-vamp? We’ve identified over the year or so it’s been in place which tools we use most frequently, so they can stay. But by removing one row of the panels in the tool wall we’re going to emulate what we did when we worked on our Fun for Louis project recently and make some bigger, stronger panels suitable for holding larger power tools like these.

All we needed were some sheets of Shadow Foam, some tape (which is also available from our accessories store). And of course some of our trusty cutting equipment.

So check out the project here. Plus, see how we really got along with our range of Skil Tools. We showcase some funky features we are very excited to share!

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