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All about Aldi's Ferrex tools

Back at the makerspace and we really need to house our power tools. We’re a fan of the tool wall as you well know by now. But we haven’t done one with Ferrex tools before. We have a heap of these middle aisle bargains that we want to get mounted in a tool frame. So here’s how we’ve gone about it.

What are Ferrex tools?

Aldi’s Ferrex tools have gained attention and popularity for several reasons. Aldi is known for its low prices, and the Ferrex tool range follows that trend. These tools often offer competitive prices compared to other brands, making them accessible to a wider range of consumers. And of course, making them a great choice for our Northwich Makerspace to make the member’s funds go further.

Despite their affordable prices, Jona’s found that these Ferrex tools look and feel great. While they may not always match more high-end or professional tools in terms of durability or features, they are looking well up to the kinds of job’s they’ll be up against in the makerspace.

The tool wall itself

We are making a french cleat tool wall for this space. We’ve done this method before in our own workshop too, so it should work really well for this Ferrex tools solution too.

You know we love to re-use and re-purpose waste materials, so that’s just what we’re doing here. Putting some left over tool organiser chip board and architrave to use to create the frame.

So, what do you think…?

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