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How to store camera equipment in preparation for travel - Shadow Foam

How to store camera equipment in preparation for travel

No matter whether you’re a holiday-maker who enjoys taking photographs, a professional photographer, vlogger, videographer or cinematographer; travelling with all of your essential and sometimes very expensive camera equipment, can be a stressful experience. Should I put it in my checked luggage or bring it in my hand luggage? And how can I ensure it is stored securely so that it won’t move around and get damaged? These are all common concerns of the camera enthusiast.

Getting through security

A camera is just one of many items which needs to pass through security gates at airports around the world – where your valuable belongings can be unpacked, moved around and handled by a lot of staff. Therefore, making sure all your equipment is effectively stored before leaving home, is absolutely vital. You certainly don’t want to arrive at your destination with a broken lens, a cracked filter, a water-damaged camera or a missing battery charger.

The Foam used in the case for our travel bag is Shadow Foam Original. The new foam that we’ve released is called Shadow Foam Easy Peel, super easy to use.

Know your airline and airport restrictions

Government regulations state that you can usually take cameras in your hand or hold luggage but it’s always good to check with the airline that you are travelling with before setting off to ensure your journey is as panic-free and streamlined as possible. In addition, it’s also beneficial to check out if there are any specific restrictions at your destination airport, and any other airlines or airports you might be travelling through as part of an onward journey. You can never plan too carefully!

Several recent changes dictate that all large electrical items need to be scanned separately if being carried in your hand luggage; so, you can be certain that your camera will fall into this category. The Civil Aviation Authority implement even further restrictions on professional video cameras, so doing your homework before leaving home is extremely worthwhile.

Making sure your camera is fully charged before leaving home is also critical; as security, globally, is heightened following the increase in terror threats and attacks. Many airports have charging facilities for absolute emergencies but it is much better to have your equipment fully charged before leaving home. The last thing you need is for your camera to be refused or confiscated by airport security.

Being organised is also key to moving through the security gates with ease, and although some delays can’t be prevented; ensuring your camera is clearly visible in a well-protected and organised compartment will reduce the risk.

Ideally, you want something which houses all of the camera elements neatly, tightly and securely but with all of the pieces packed separately for ease of removal and added protection.

Standard divider bags and Pick and Pluck

Soft divider bags and Pick and Pluck solutions are some of the ways professionals and hobbyists alike, try and protect their equipment whilst travelling abroad. However, the Velcro used in the soft divider bags which come as standard – although customised – still allow movement of the camera elements, and your equipment is still at risk of being damaged.

Pick and Pluck foam also comes as standard with many cameras, or it can be bought off the shelf. This type of foam allows you to remove small grids from around your equipment pieces so that everything is cushioned. However, as it is not fully customisable, your camera pieces could still move around risking damage to your equipment. And it won’t be long until the foam pieces break down and disintegrate altogether.

What you need is a strong and durable customisable foam which uniquely protects all of the elements in your camera case.

Customisable Shadow Foam

Shadow Foam is a super durable and fully customisable grade of foam, coated with a clear rubber compound, that can be easily cut by hand using a sharp blade and shaped to securely fit all of your camera equipment.

It cuts cleanly and smoothly with no snags or pulls and offers a sturdy protective location for all of your items, no matter what their shape or size. In summary:

  • Your camera equipment is always fully secure when transported.
  • Made to measure: You can customise your foam to fit your personal camera bag and house all your individual camera pieces securely.
  • Organised: it’s easy to locate, remove and replace all your camera equipment inside the foam.
  • There is minimal risk of loss or damage to your equipment.
  • Reduce delays at airport security.

When it comes to creating and customising your individual foam case, all you must do, is decide the best layout for your pieces; pick a starting point and start cutting the foam – it’s that easy. It only takes about 20 minutes in total to complete.

Highly cost effective, professional and available in ten different colours; Shadow Foam provides the perfect, worry-free storage area for all your camera equipment while travelling

To find out more or to speak to one of our team, please call 0808 168 2878 or email

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