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Edd China's Custom Toolbox - Shadow Foam

Edd China's Custom Toolbox

Want to know what happened when we made a custom toolbox for Edd China…!? Ever heard of Stellas Voice charity? Well read on!

If you don’t already know Edd China…

Edd is is the quintessential British eccentric. TV presenter, inventor, engineering product designer and Wheeler Dealers’ favourite mechanic. Fixing things, Engineering product design, innovation and mechanical engineering are what make him tick. Always keen to connect things that aren’t normally connected, he created the World’s first street legal driving sofa in 1998; the ‘Casual Lofa’, which got him his first Guinness World Record for “Fastest Furniture” at 87mph! Since then he’s gone on to set many other records, most recently; World’s Fastest Electric Ice Cream Van revolutionising the industry by developing the World’s first all electric ice cream van.

The Edd China toolbox

We’re big fans of Edd China here at Shadow Foam so we decided to make a customised tool box in his honour! We thought a custom toolbox with all the essential tools and custom decals was the perfect thing. And of course we cut all the tools into Shadow Foam. You can learn how to cut Shadow Foam here.

The tool box we made here for Edd was made out of our old Shadow Foam Original grade of foam. But you could just as easily cut foam into your own cantilever toolbox using our new Shadow Foam . Even more easily in fact since the methods of cutting and peeling that we recommend when working with it will make it simpler than ever before.

The decals looked amazing thanks to a little help from our friends at Vital Signs in Northwich,

Ed China

Surprising Edd

We decided to surprise Edd with the box at the book signing of his “Grease Junkie“.

Along with the toolbox for Edd China, we’ve also made a second one which Edd has been good enough to sign and created a Charity Auction for Stella’s Voice. Stella’s Voice provides care, education, and jobs that are protecting the world’s most vulnerable from human traffickers. Learn more at the Stella’s Voice website. You can also read more about this project for Edd and the vital funds we wanted to make for Stellas Voice via this article published at the time.

Shadow Foam is perfect for so many different applications. This tool case is just one example of how you can use Shadow Foam, but take a look and see what other people are using their Shadow Foam for here.

Check out the video to see how we made it and perhaps it will inspire you to create some tool organisation for yourself… pick up a sample to see Shadow Foam for yourself.

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